Converge is a time-saving hiring platform.
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We only allow companies that agree to the following to post jobs on Converge:
  • No GHOSTING (You WILL receive a decision in the specified timeframe)
  • Manually verified concise Job Description (Understand what the company is actually looking for; not just a laundry list of skills & fluff)
  • Timeline & number of interview rounds guarantee (We prioritize companies that are quick & efficient)
  • No crazy take-home assignments (Guaranteed feedback for verified take-home tests)
And more benefits
Interviewing is a massive time & energy sink. Stop gambling with your time & interview at places where you're most likely to land a job.
More reasons to join Converge
  • Know exactly what you're getting into from JD: Accurate salary range, actual skills required for the role, what happens in each interview round, how you will be tested etc.
  • Companies MUST honor their stated interview procedure & timeline. Failure will result in bans.
  • NO third party recruiters - deal directly with the company/hiring team.
  • NO crazy take home exercises unless they are verified to be REASONABLE & RELEVANT with a guaranteed feedback in case of rejection.
  • Your FEEDBACK will affect companies' score on the platform.
Contact us
  • Feel free to contact us with suggestions, questions, to share your interview experiences or even to say hello!